Direct Trainings

We can deliver trainings direct to your organization on your site, or local facilities or online.

See Current Training Offerings below for details of available courses.

Partner Trainings

We can deliver trainings through partners using their materials or our own.

To date trainings have been delivered through

  • LinuxFoundation/
  • JB International (UK)
  • Orsys

We are accredited Kubernetes instructors for


We strive to keep a selection of up to date courses available.

All courses aim to provide at least 50% hands-on exercises, a crucial element to learning.

Troubleshooting exercises are also provided and have proved to be particularly popular

Current Training Offerings

These trainings have all been delivered multiple times in 2019 and are constantly updated to address attendee feedback:

  • Container Technologies

    • Kubernetes Administration, 4 days - prepare for the CNCF Kubernetes CKA exam
    • Kubernetes Developer, 3 days - prepare for the CNCF Kubernetes CKAD exam
    • Docker Introduction, 2 days
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

    • Terraform Introduction, 2 days

Planned 2020 Training Offerings

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

    • Ansible Introduction, 2 days
  • Policy

    • Open Policy Agent Introduction, 1 day

Future Training Offerings

Planned offerings are listed below, but please let us know of your needs …

  • Serverless (FaaS)
  • Git
  • Python, DataScience
  • Machine Learning, AI

Contact us for your needs

Contact us at for quotes for training whether

  • on your site classroom training
  • in Grenoble premises
  • virtual classroom

Meet us at conferences in 2020

  • 24-26 Jan -
    • Attend our Kubernetes TroubleShooting Workshop
  • 6 Feb - Ansible Automate, Paris
  • 27/28 Feb - DevOps Days, Geneva
  • 28/29 Mar -, Amsterdam
  • 30 Mar-2 Apr - KubeConEU, Amsterdam
  • Jun - HashiConfEU, Amsterdam
  • Jun - VivaTech, Paris
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